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ALYCE Paris isn’t just another prom dress brand. We aim to readjust the paradox of personal expression through fashion for today’s youth.

Young people often struggle to make sense of who they are, and who they want to become, in their pursuit of defining and expressing an identity. Many teens can’t express themselves with words but with fashion; other times, a teen’s fashion doesn’t jive with the circles with whom they choose to identify. Gen Z increasingly is concerned about a variety of cultural forces that affect fashion such as inclusivity, body positivity, and ethnic sensitivity; gender, for example, operates as a powerful identity in society. The prom represents one such cultural, transformational event that may impose gender issues, like achieving femininity or becoming ‘beautiful’-- ideals that flutter somewhere between the interstices of childhood and adulthood.

ALYCE Paris aims to connect with young people through communicating messages that resonate with teens' emotional and physical transformations beyond the pageant of prom. We want to propagate healthy, positive pursuits of identities that affect the arc of an entire life. ALYCE Paris seeks strategic partnerships with individuals or charities to produce these young people's stories.

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